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The SpiritTech Academy

As we build our system, courses, and lessons. We are inviting visionaries like you to join by offering you this unique opportunity to be involved in a new way of learning and creating an authentic spiritual community of support and healing from like-minded individuals.


What We Offer

The SpiritTech Academy

Is designed to teach, inspire and provide unconventional metaphysical learnings to anyone that wants it. Is an online indigenous educational learning institution created to bring modern & traditional spiritual technology…

The Journey of the SpiritTech

A 4 part journey designed to support you in redesigning how you relate & participate in your community and in your personal life. Using indigenous technologies such as Ritual, Ceremonies,…

“Awakening the SpiritTech in you” Courses

Are a series of lessons that delve into various topics for people who are on a spiritual journey. Not for the faint of heart as we dive into areas of…

What is a SpiritTech

What makes a person a SpiritTech is there ability to embrace their spiritual gifts in a way that allows them to deliver it back to their community and allows it…