March Update

I trust that you have been able to tap into this 11-year energy of 2018. It has been an incredible two months for me, and I wanted to share with you what has been going on.


On December 31, 2017, I went to bed and connected with my spirit guides, and I heard them say, “Now is the time to start and we will assist you.” When I woke up, it was 4 am January 1, 2018. I went to my desk and wrote down the plan that they communicated to me. The main point was for me to create an online learning community for people who seek to know the ancient ways.From there I started to structure out what I would need to create an online academy. I first needed to develop a solution that would allow me to create a learning system that would give people the ability to participate in live classes, the ability to access the courses anytime they wanted and the ability to access the system from anywhere they wanted.

Within a few days, I began to think that this academy might not be a good Idea and I had second thoughts on what I was doing. My spirit guides then said to me. “Send out an email to everyone on your mailing list and let them know what you are doing. Give these people lifetime access at a once in a lifetime price.” Nervously, I did, and within twenty-four hours, ten people signed up. I was amazed. By the time the classes started on January 27, 2018, more than thirty people had taken advantage of the offer.

My spirit guides said that each lesson needs to be designed to pull back the curtain and give each person a deep understanding of sacred ritual and community work. SpiritTech’s also need to be taught in a way that after each lesson a person can take at least one thing that they learned and put it into practice at once. We came up with the name & theme “Awakening the SpiritTech in You” series of courses and lessons. Designed to give you a penetrating understanding of the universal power of magic and reawaken your connection to the universe.

As I started to create the lessons for the curriculum; I began to think that I would not have enough information for each 45-minute lesson. My spirit guides came to me again and said, “We will be with you on each of your lessons.”


I am finding that when I start to record the lesson, there is so much information coming through that it is hard for me to stay within the time limit. As an example, I divided my lesson on water into two parts, each over 45 minutes and I still have a lot more to say. The good news is that the academy allows for us to deliver deeper and more profound levels of the work over time by creating advanced courses down the road.

We currently have more than 12 lessons available, and by the end of the month, we will upload a bunch more. We plan to have 12 courses, each having an average of 6 lessons by the end of 2018.

A few weeks ago, I began to wonder if the information that I was sharing was of interest/importance to the attendees. Again, I started to second guess myself. Within a few days of that thought, I received a one-star review on one of my lectures. I thanked the reviewer and asked if I could use the analysis. The assessment is as follows: “THERE IS TOO MUCH INFORMATION, I AM IN OVERLOAD AFTER LISTENING TO ONE LESSON.”

We believe that to truly tap into the fullness of this type of work each person needs to get out of their mind. The best way to do that is to overload the rational system so that the vibrational work can seep past their mental blocks. We also want people to feel that they are getting information that they never had access to before. The above review shows that this is not a confirmation of information that you already know and that the information that I am sharing is shaking up your norms. I also realized that most of the work that I have created so far is geared towards individuals that already have a working knowledge of shamanic practice. The next series of courses that I am working on will be an intro to this work.


Once again, the voice of not enough started to raise its voice, and I began to wonder if only the people that knew me would sign up. My spirit guides said “most likely. What you need to do is give a sample for them to taste.” So, we started a complimentary lesson of the month option. The complimentary lesson is for two things: 1) it gives everyone the ability to taste the experience first if needed before they become an associate. 2) We want everyone to have access in partaking in the learnings of a SpiritTech.

As of now, in less than two months we have over 100 people enrolled in the “complimentary lesson a month” option and over 30 people that have taken advantage of the lifetime membership.

I am blessed and honored to have and to be walking in partnership with my spirit guides. Each day I open myself up to the enormous power of the universe and all the abundance that flows to and through me.


In spite of my self-doubt, I trust and step into the possibilities of what could be and if you are in your self-doubt about anything. Step in, believe and be open to the opportunities. Remember that 2018 is a year of declaring what you want and making it happen.
Thanks to all of you that have joined with me in being on the journey. I will also like to share with those of you who may have thought you missed out on a golden opportunity. There is still time.

We are giving lifetime memberships until the end of 2018. Then we will go to a yearly membership fee. Also, on June 1, 2018, the lifetime membership price will go up from $199 to $499, as we go into phase 3 of development. (More on phase 3 to come).

The current price for you and your friends is $199 for a lifetime membership. The price is an excellent opportunity for anyone that is interested in learning on a deeper level and receiving information that typically gets communicated only inside of sacred circles. I would hate for you to miss out on the chance to be involved in this transformative online communal academy that’s getting bigger and bigger each month.

I will take a breath, now and say more to come soon.

The spirit guides and I send you blessings and luv,

Alwyn Alphonso Thomas
Spiritual Technologist

Alwyn illuminates his gifts of
expression & communication
by living the educator’s path.
He brings his mission of exploration
through investigation & discovery,
and he is guided by his
power of visualization
to create direction & growth.

Asé! Ache! Axé!

(see the power of purpose course).

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