Peace & Greetings!

As someone who I have traveled the path with, I thought about you and wanted to invite you to be a part of my new spiritual reclamation.

I have always believed that spiritual work and work done in community can be a viable and prosperous way for many of us who hear the calling of spirit on a continuous basis, to live a life that serves community and also serves the individual. The spiritual services that you have chosen to provide could and should be an honorable and abundant way to live your life.

My heart always sank whenever I would hear someone say “I don’t want to do my 9-5 job as a ________; I would love for my spiritual work to be my 9-5, instead!” Subsequently, I have found that people have a hard time transferring their gifts into something that can be tangibly used.

I realized that with over twenty years’ experience of running my own successful business as a corporate trainer, having participated and facilitated for, and with Malidoma, having lectured around the country, and continuing to study, learn & practice indigenous work in Africa, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean and the U.S.‑‑‑I actually possess the knowledge and skills required to conduct a one-of-a-kind training, to arouse people to employ their own spiritual gifts to work for them! And above all, I have had many spiritualists tell me that my path was to return people to their indigenous self while living in the modern world.

It has taken me a few years and a little bit of hardship, but I have finally created what I believe to be a powerful and life-affirming program that I have talked about for years; the overarching theme is that in our communities we have talented people with gifts to offer, and my program gives a guided approach to enable them. At the end of each course, each person is tasked with serving and empowering their communities, because together in community we can be successful!

My program consists of four intensive training’s that are designed to motivate and guide individuals to develop, promote and deliver their gifts; courses are designed for group participation and also allow the individual to discover their own path.

Each training has been designed with a specific focus:

  • Claim, declare and discover one’s heart purpose & mission as a Spirit Tech
  • Develop one’s path & program on how you will deliver it to community
  • Advanced work on development
  • Recognition on the gift that you are

Each level has pre & post work, which is designed to assist each person in going deeper and to be able to think, operate and be on multiple levels. It also allows each person to continue on their journey even when we are not together in training. It is expected that participants will seize the opportunity to use what they learn when they return to serve in their communities.

The price for the first course is $350 per person, but our 1st year is discounted to $250. To encourage larger group and community participation, families of 3 or more are priced at $195 per person.

I am bringing all of my knowledge and experience to these training’s by combining indigenous wisdom practices (rituals, ceremonies, etc.) with modern learning skills and tools to propel each person forward.

As you and I have discovered together on this spirit walk, we know well how indigenous wisdom practices allow each person to participate in community as we share our gifts, allowing us to open up to our spirit guides, ancestors, etc., in order for us to hear the message and receive the healings from the other world.

Accordingly, my teaching approach of modern learning skills and tools allow for rapid knowledge absorption and retention. Participants will not take years to reach their potential‑‑‑it will occur in months or even days.

I would love to work with you on this project. Let’s talk as soon as it is possible for you.

In empowerment,

~ SpiritTech Alwyn Alphonso Thomas ~