Mr. White is a dedicated teacher of Apotheosis, the pursuit of godliness and spiritual transcendence. He is the visionary founder of the School of Universal Light. This unique institution harmoniously merges traditional spirituality with the demands of the modern era, offering a progressive approach to experiencing indigenous spirituality.

In 2011, Mr. White was honored when he was enstooled as the NKPALEWURA (Sumankwaahene) of the Akyode traditional area in Ghana. This prestigious appointment bestowed upon him the esteemed title of NANA GEGYOGA GEWOMBA GEBESO, I, affirming his role as a respected leader within the community and acknowledging his contributions to the preservation and evolution of indigenous spiritual practices.

Mr. White and his acolytes during a channeling session


The Art of Deliverance

The Art of Deliverance is a comprehensive and multi-day series of transformative rituals, divinations, and healing sessions offered by the School of Universal Light. Through these profound experiences, we specialize in addressing and healing ancestral issues that may have lingered within your lineage, guiding you toward a path of deep personal healing and transformation.

Mr. White will take us on a journey to reconnect and reawaken our connection to our ancestors.

The Consultation

Our world is primarily influenced by three major religions originating from a common source: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. We engage in thoughtful discussion and consultation to offer individuals opportunities to explore and reinterpret their personal belief systems.

The Deliverance

An initial step towards embracing your ancestral heritage and lineage begins here. Imagine the possibility of wiping the slate clean and embarking on a brand-new journey. Are you open to the idea of leaving the past behind and starting anew?

The Divination

Mr. White can go beyond what he does on video when you are in his presence. Utilizing diverse tools such as bones, cards, soybeans, shells, and water, he uncovers the pathway to uncovering an individual’s mission and purpose.

Doing Prescription/Letting go.

The final rituals conclude with expressions of appreciation and reverence as we pay tribute to our ancestors and spiritual guides.