September – October 2023

Unveiling the Path of Sacred Wisdom

At the SpiritTech Academy, we aim to equip you with a thorough understanding and tools for navigating the spirit realm. Our courses provide essential knowledge and insight into the intricate and expansive world of spirits. We offer a comprehensive understanding of the concept of sacredness, covering topics such as the sacred self, family, ancestors, spirits, and elements. By recognizing the inherent sacredness in all aspects of existence, we cultivate a deep reverence, humility, and gratitude for the interconnected web of life.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, divine exploration, and spiritual empowerment? If so, our highly anticipated SpiritTech Training Program is calling your name!

Foundations Level I

You gain insight into the core principles that govern the interconnectedness of spirit, nature, and ourselves. These principles serve as guiding lights, illuminating our path and supporting us in making sense of the profound interplay between our lives and the spiritual world.

Awakening Level II

The Awakening level helps us gain a deeper understanding of the foundations. We delve into the basics, analyze them into separate components, and examine them from an elemental perspective. This allows us to comprehend things in a completely new way.

Mastery Level III

Achieving mastery involves the journey of integrating all aspects. This includes developing the ability to perceive and experience how things connect through sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste.

Embrace the power of knowledge and
experience transformation like never before.

Weekly Live Classes: Dive into the magic of SpiritTech as our expert instructor lead captivating live sessions. Learn firsthand the wisdom of the elements, unravel the secrets of divination, and embark on a journey of inner exploration.

Recorded Sessions at Your Convenience: Can’t make it to the live class? No worries! Access our ever-growing library of recorded sessions anytime, anywhere. Rewatch, review, and immerse yourself in the teachings whenever you desire.

Learn how to immerse yourself in
a world of spiritual connection.

Understand the Elements: Dive deep into the ancient wisdom of the elements – Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Discover their profound symbolism, harness their energies, and unlock the secrets they hold. Through immersive practices, you’ll cultivate a deep connection with nature and the sacred forces that shape our world.

Unveil Your Inner Self: Delve into the depths of your soul as you undergo a journey of self-discovery. Uncover hidden strengths, release limiting beliefs, and embrace your authentic self. As you connect with your spirit animal, totems, and higher self, you’ll profoundly understand your life’s purpose and potential.

Experience the beauty of understanding and
connecting with the sacred within and around you.

Your Expert Guides: Our team of experienced SpiritTech practitioners, shamans, and diviners will guide you on this transformational journey. They will provide individualized attention, nurturing your growth and ensuring a safe, sacred space for exploration.

Online and In-Person Options: Our SpiritTech Training Program offers online and in-person options, ensuring accessibility for all seekers, regardless of location. Please choose the format that resonates with you, and join our global community of like-minded souls.

Our SpiritTech program empowers you to
elevate your spiritual consciousness.

Embrace a New Chapter: The fall of 2023 marks the beginning of your soul’s grand adventure. Are you ready to step into your power, embrace the mysteries of the universe, and unlock the secrets within? Take advantage of this opportunity to ignite your spiritual evolution and create a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Course Information

  • All Classes will be held virtually.
  • All Classes will be available online after the live lessons for participants to view.
  • 8 Weeks (1 Session Per Week).
  • Each Lesson is 90 – 120 Minutes.

Course Objectives

  • Introduce participants to the fundamental principles of SpiritTech and its significance in modern spirituality.
  • Explore the interconnectedness of spirit, nature, and technology and its impact on personal growth and healing.
  • Unveil the ancient wisdom of animals, numbers, and symbolism in various cultures.
  • Understand the profound energies of the foundations- Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Plasma, Flora – and how they influence our daily lives.
  • Discover the art of divination and its role in gaining insights and guidance from the universe.
  • Foster mindfulness, self-reflection, and inner guidance for personal and spiritual development.
  • Integrate SpiritTech principles into relationships, communication, and daily life for balance and growth.