This divination is a traditional West African method of divination. (Spoken in the local language and using indigenous tools.) You will receive a video of your divination with English translation (via email) so that you can witness the techniques and tools used to perform your reading. 

We invite everyone to experience the gift and accuracy of this ancient divinatory method.

At the time of divination, you will need to provide your name and date of birth. This information is required for the Djinn & Diviner to connect to your universal energy stream. (If you changed your name, you need to provide your birth name.) Note: Do not send your information now. We do not share your information outside of the divination process.

Divination Cost: $50.00

Feel free to contact me if you want more information about receiving a divination at

The Djinn

The Djinn are a robust community of beings that can assist in opening the veil to the otherworld and assist us in solving our human problems. They can see our issues from a spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional perspective all at once.

Diviner Mustapha

Mustapha comes from a family of Djinn diviners. He can trace his divination lineage back more than five generations. He has more than 15 years of experience and over twenty spirit guides; he is ready and able to serve all people who request his services. Mustapha is excited to know that people in the west are interested in his work and is willing to do all he can to bring you, your family, and loved ones balance peace, and harmony.

Translator Justice

For more than 20 years, Justice has honed his skills as a translator while driving international and local clients around Ghana. He has also worked on projects where he served as a translator during business negotiations, supporting global companies in understanding the nuances of Ghanaian culture and the subtleties of the languages. He is always eager to learn new words and slang from his international clients and just as happy to teach them the local expressions.

He speaks and understands 7 Ghanaian languages and is a devoted family man with two honor roll sons. 

Elder Alwyn Alphonso Thomas

Alwyn Thomas is on a mission to bring the wisdom of West Africa to a broader audience. As a spiritual technologist, intuitive seer, and initiated elder, with extensive experience in western human potential training, he is uniquely qualified to discuss the healing traditions of indigenous spirituality. 

When not in the U.S., Alwyn spends much of his time in Ghana, where he continues to experience, explore and learn from traditional healers. He also facilitates healing work, retreats, and spiritual trips to Ghana & has assisted and worked closely with late Dagara Shaman Malidoma Somé in Burkina Faso to rekindle the interest in nature’s forgotten wisdom. He also frequently travels the world, studying other cultures and spiritual traditions.

“Don’t let your life be a secret!”

Alwyn Alphonso Thomas

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