AUGUST 15-26, 2023

COST: $3500.00


During our trip, we will have the opportunity to work & visit with some of the best diviners, healers, and shrines in Ghana.
We will also break down the sacred sciences into foundations. Each area gives a deeper understanding of the interconnectivity of the sacred worlds and ours. These explorations will assist us in better understanding ourselves, our community, and our place in the universe.
This will be a powerful and intimate group. Reserve your space NOW!

You will never be the same again.

Your Journey

Fishing on the Akosombo river

Mind, Body, Spirit Cleansing

We will use divination, elemental rituals, and invocation to cleanse, erase, and reboot your sacred self.
While this is not a vegetarian/vegan event. There may be a time or two that we will ask the group to refrain from eating meat.
Throughout your journey, you will have the opportunity to taste some of the sweetest and ripest fruit and the greenest and most nutritious vegetables you have ever tasted.

Woman drummers of Ghana


What is your soul’s purpose?

Did you ever ask yourself that question? Through divination, you will be able to find your soul’s purpose.

Who/What is your guardian spirit?

Before coming into this life, you connected with a being that would be your guardian spirit. When we are young, we are connected to the spirit, but we tend to lose the connection as we get older. Your guardian can be an elemental being, an ancestor, a Djinn, a kontomble, etc. Through divination, you can confirm and reconnect with your guardian spirit.

Hear the messages your ancestors and guardian spirits need you to know about yourself.

Once connected, they will share many things they have been trying to tell you but you could not hear. This process can be difficult for some. Be prepared by being open to receiving.

What element are you connected to?

Everyone is connected to an element. Each element has unique properties for healing, divination, and growth. Discover your element and animal spirit that you are aligned with.

Tap into your element’s energies and learn to communicate with them.

Each element has a unique way of connecting with us. We will teach you how to connect with your element and converse with them. Remember, they always want to communicate with us. We are the ones that do not hear them.

“I saw the snake coming towards me, and then it said welcome” – BN

White sacred earth


For us to achieve your transformation, here is a list of some of the rituals you will participate in:

Earth Vibrations

The earth holds many truths and will share the knowledge with you. We will connect with the earth in a new and unique way to feel and align with the earth’s vibration.

Ocean Song

The ocean is primal. Everyone will visit the ocean, and we will invite the ocean to come and welcome you with a kiss.

Falling Waters

There is tremendous power in falling water. We will partake in multiple rituals that will utilize this type of water.

Trees of Knowledge

Understanding the true meaning is to understand the universe. You will connect with a tree and learn from their wisdom.

Our Ancestors

You will learn how to connect with your ancestors through the dreamscape.

Previous life

Are you aware of any of your previous lives? We will investigate your past lives to see where some of your beliefs and limitations may have come from.

Beacon of Possibility

How do we create balance for ourselves, our family, and our community? A simple ritual with many uses.

Thunder Shrine

Mr. White and his acolytes during a channeling session


The Art of Deliverance

Mr. White is a teacher of Apotheosis (Godliness). He founded the School of Universal Light, where traditional spirituality blends with modern times to create a progressive way of experiencing indigenous spirituality. In 2011, he was enstooled (made a chief) as the NKPALEWURA (Sumankwaahene) of the Akyode traditional area in Ghana. He is now officially known as NANA GEGYOGA GEWOMBA GEBESO, I.
Mr. White will take us on a journey to reconnect and reawaken our connection to our ancestors.

The Consultation

We live in a world dominated by three major religions from the same root. Christianity, Islam & Judaism. The Consultation will open up the individual to understanding and reframing their belief system.

The Deliverance

This is the first part of the connection with your ancestral legacy & lineage. What if you could clean the slate and start anew? Would you be willing to burn it away?

The Divination

Using bones, cards, soybeans, shells, water, and many other items, the road to a person’s mission and purpose will open up to them.

Doing Prescription/Letting go.

Offerings of thanks and gratitude are made to complete the process by honoring our ancestors and spirit guides.

Djinn Diviner of Possibilities

Mustapha Boboo

Ancient stories speak about a race of people born of fire called the Djinn. Normally we are not able to see them, but under certain situations, we can communicate with and experience them. Mustapha, our Djinn diviner, comes from a lineage of Djinn diviners that goes back more than 5 generations in Ghana. We will meet the diviner and his father, who has passed down the connection to the son. They will share the history of their relationship with the Djinn.

Interview with a Djinn – Divination

You will each have time to sit with the diviner and receive a personal divination from the Djinn & Mustapha. You will be able to ask any questions that you want the Djinn to give you clarity on.
The Djinn will go to the high plane to see your life in its totality and share what they see with you.

“The diviner spoke to my soul like they were old friends” – JB

Shrine keepers opening the city to music again

Shrines & Houses

House of the Ancestors

At one of the oldest shrines in Ghana, where traditions and practices have been the same for over 500 years, we will have the opportunity to offer thanks to all our ancestors.

Medicine of the Elders

Plant spirit medicine of southern Ghana. Experience and understand the mind, body & spirit relationship to NATURE.

Lydia & Ama

About Ghana

One of the most notable things about Ghana is its people. Ghanaians are known for their warm hospitality, friendly demeanor, and welcoming spirit. Visitors to Ghana are often struck by how welcoming and helpful the people are and how easy it is to feel at home in this country. Ghanaians are proud of their country and culture, and they are always happy to share it with visitors.
Ghana is home to a rich and diverse culture steeped in history and tradition. From the colorful festivals and traditional ceremonies to the vibrant music and dance, there is always something exciting happening in Ghana.


  • Flexibility: In the villages, we do not walk in western time frames. Things happen when they happen.
  • Physical Fitness: Ability to walk a mile. We will do a lot of walking on flat land, but we will also walk up a mountain a few times.
  • Ability to open one’s heart: The culture can be the opposite of what you have experienced.
  • Remember: Laughter and smiles creates a family.


Once you have confirmed your reservation, we will send you detailed information on what you need for the trip. While in the city, we will stay in standard western housing. When in the villages, we will be rustic.

Cost: $3500.00

$100.00 Deposit will hold your space

What Is Included:  

All transportation within Ghana, including airport transfer, if arriving on starting day of the trip; All accommodations; 11 Breakfasts, 8 lunches, 8 dinners, translators. All activities outlined in the itinerary, and specialized local guide services.

Boti Waterfall

Not Included: 

Round-trip international air transportation to and from Ghana. Activities not explicitly included in the Itinerary; insurance; alcohol; soft drinks; laundry; telephone calls; faxes; and any other expenses of a personal nature as well as customary tips to drivers and guides. 

A family member becomes a chief

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