In this form of divination, one of Mr. White’s acolytes acts as a medium through which beings from the spiritual realm communicate directly with the physical world.

The process typically involves the following elements:

  • Preparation: Before the divination session, the medium and acolytes may perform rituals, prayers, or offerings to create a sacred and protected space. This preparation is done to invite spirits and to ensure a safe and controlled environment for the ritual.
  • Trance State: During the divination, the medium enters into a trance state, where their consciousness becomes altered, and they become receptive to the presence of spirits. This trance state allows the medium to let go of their ego and personal identity, making it easier for spirits to communicate through them.
  • Spirit Invocation: The medium or acolyte may specifically invoke certain spirits or entities to come forward and provide guidance or insights. These spirits may be ancestors, deities, or other spiritual beings relevant to the purpose of the divination.
  • Possession: As the medium enters a deep trance, the spirits may take partial or complete control of their body, mind, and voice. During possession, the medium may speak in a different tone or language, exhibit different mannerisms, or even physically resemble the spirit they are channeling.
  • Communication: The possessed medium acts as a channel for the spirits to communicate their messages, guidance, or advice to those present. This can involve answering questions, offering insights, or healing individuals seeking assistance.
  • Ending the Possession: After the divination session, the spirits are respectfully thanked and asked to depart from the seer’s body. The seer then gradually returns to their normal state of consciousness.

It is essential to approach trance mediumship with respect and reverence, as it involves a deep connection to the spiritual realm and the potential for profound insights. For some cultures and belief systems, spirit possession is a sacred and integral part of their spiritual practices, providing a means to access divine wisdom and offer healing to others. However, not all cultures or individuals practice spirit possession, and it is essential to honor and understand the diverse beliefs and practices related to divination and spirituality.

“Don’t let your life be a secret!”

Alwyn Alphonso Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the work done in Ghana?

With the advent of modern technology, some frequencies and energies cancel out indigenous medicine. We do your work in a remote location with limited access to electrical, cellular, and all other modern frequencies that may limit the work we do for you.

What is a Divination?

Divination is a process where a diviner (person) calls upon their spirit guides to assist them and you in looking at your life. We all have a path, but sometimes we get lost on the road. A good diviner will assist you in getting back on your path.

What is Spiritual Healing/Cleansing?

Spiritual Healing/Cleansing comes after divination. Each person is given a prescription on what needs to happen to the person back on their path.

What kind of person is a Divination for?

Divinations are for everyone at any time in their lives. They are for all emancipated adults (children are usually done under the divination of their parents) of all ages and backgrounds.

Why do I need a divination?

You don’t. Never let anyone force you into getting a divination you do not want to do it. That said, divination is a valuable tool to find and discover parts of yourself that you might not be aware of. Our goal is to empower you to live your best life.

Will it hurt?

Only if you want it to. LOL!

What do you need from me to do a divination?

When you register for your divination. We will send you a form for your name, date of birth, and inquiry/questions.

What will I get after the divination is done?

We will provide you with a video recording of your divination. After watching your video, you can Speak with Elder Alwyn to clarify your reading. If you feel that you need clarity.

What should I expect in a Divination?

In a divination session, you can expect a process through which you seek guidance, insights, or answers to specific questions or concerns from a diviner. The exact details of a divination session can vary widely depending on the questions and the spirit guides that come into the space.

It’s essential to approach your divination with an open mind and respect for the cultural and spiritual traditions involved.

I do not have time. Is a Divination so important?

Whether or not a divination is important depends on your beliefs, needs, and circumstances. Divination can offer valuable insights, guidance, and a deeper understanding of various aspects of your life.

It’s important to keep in mind that divination is a personal choice, and not everyone believes in its effectiveness. Whether or not you decide to pursue divination is entirely up to you. The advantage of using our divination services is that the sessions are recorded, allowing you to watch the video at your convenience.

It seems like such a long time to get a Divination.

We hold divinations once a month, and the rest is used for creating and delivering the healing work. Each task requires different energies and (spiritual) teams and time.

Am I allowed to ask questions during a Divination?

Your divination will be held at a time when you will not be available. Also, know that the divination is performed in a remote location. This is why we record your divination for you and have you send us three questions you want answered.

Is spiritual consultation available?

Yes! It can be difficult to understand parts of your divination because the diviner sometimes speaks in metaphor. Also, the diviner does not have a Western mindset and interprets the information based on his/her knowledge. You will have the opportunity to consult and receive clarification. The consultant will also assist you in making a sound, practical decision on your path.

What kind of place is the Spiritual Technology Corp?

The Spiritual Technology Corp is an organization created to bring modern & traditional mind, body, and spiritual technology to people by inspiring, promoting, and motivating people & communities to connect to the sacred parts of themselves through divinations, ritual healing, cleansing, workshops, training, retreats, and spiritual quest to remote locations around the world.

What if I have special needs?

Through the eyes of the diviner, there are only gifts and issues. Please feel free to share this information if you feel it is needed, but if it is an issue, the diviner will see it whether you mention it.

What happens after the Divination?

After the divination, you will be sent a video to watch and see what the diviner discovered.

Is there a fee?

The divination by itself is $125. We also have specific healing and cleansing packages available.

Please share with anyone you think would be interested in receiving a reading.