• Exploring the Wisdom of Divination: The Who, What, When, Where & Why
    At its core, divination is the art of tapping into the unseen forces of the universe to gain insight, clarity, and guidance. Whether through interpreting symbols, patterns, or intuitive messages, divination provides a means of connecting with the divine and accessing higher wisdom.
  • Family Ties and Spiritual Growth: A Journey of Understanding and Balance
    Family plays a central role beyond mere blood relations. As SpiritTechs, we embark on a profound journey of spiritual growth. Within the folds of our families, we discover both the …
  • Engage with Us: Share Your Questions and Topics for the Year Ahead
    Greetings SpiritTech’s, As we embark on a new year filled with opportunities for growth, learning, and spiritual exploration, we invite each of you to actively participate in shaping the content …
  • Nurturing Self-Love: Practices for Cultivating Compassion Towards Yourself
    Take time each day to reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and experiences without judgment. Notice any self-critical or negative thoughts that arise and gently redirect them towards more loving and compassionate perspectives.
  • Navigating the Year of Relationships as a SpiritTech
    The universe whispers opportunities for profound connections and spiritual growth as we enter the new year. In the realm of SpiritTech’s, where spirituality meets technology, the focus for the coming …
  • Setting Intentions for the New Year: Harnessing the Power of Knowing What You Want
    Setting Intentions for the New Year: Harnessing the Power of Knowing What You Want
  • Manifestation at the Year’s End:
    Cultivating Abundance and Reflection Greetings SpiritTechs, 2023 has been our year of Manifestation. We have engaged in numerous conversations, Taks, and dedicated time to exploring the intricate intricacies of the …
  • Embracing the Sacred in the Everyday: Tools from around the house.
    I invite you to embark on a journey of discovery with me as we delve into the various tools we can find around our homes, which can aid us in …
  • The Sonder Project
    Hello Everyone, I just want to thank you all for your very generous donations. Thanks to your generosity and care we have reached our first goal of being able to …
  • Unburdening the Soul: Letting Go of What Holds You Back
    In the quest for personal growth and self-discovery, one of the most transformative journeys you can embark on is becoming aware of your soul’s fears and working on letting them go. It’s about shedding the weight of this baggage, releasing limitations, and finding spiritual freedom. To achieve this, we must understand the constraints that hold us back.
  • A Humorous Video on Fears
    A Humorous Video on Fears
  • Unburdening the Soul: Letting Go of What Holds You Back – Word Search
  • Your Gifts
    Your mind, body, and soul gifts are the unique tools and attributes you brought into this world, and they are the essence of what makes you shine brightly, like a radiant star in the night sky. Each of these gifts plays a distinct role in your journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and contribution to your community. Let’s explore the significance of these gifts:
  • Reflections and Questions: Insights from a Month of Remembering
    Have you ever found inspiration or wisdom in simple reminders or sayings?
  • The SpiritTech Academy is in the Beta Phase
    We invite you to visit our website and embark on this transformative adventure with us. Dive into “The Nine Parts of You” course, and watch for the exciting new content we’ll add regularly. Your presence and participation in this Beta phase are invaluable as we refine and expand our offerings.
  • Heartfelt Gratitude for Your Participation in the SpiritTech Academy Recording Session
    I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for your invaluable contributions to the recent SpiritTech Academy recording session.
  • Manifestation – The Winds of Change – Part II
    As the summer sun begins to wane and the days grow shorter, the natural world prepares for a transformation. The gentle rustling of leaves heralds the arrival of fall, the scent of earthy soil, and the cool, crisp breeze that sweeps through the land. It is a season of change, a time of reflection, and an opportunity for personal growth. The winds of change in the fall season and the power of manifestation bring valuable lessons for our lives.
  • Word Search
  • Recording Sessions are starting
    We are thrilled to announce some significant milestones on our journey of transformation and growth. Mark your calendars because big things are on the horizon! 🎙️ Recording Sessions Begin: Starting the weekend …
  • Important Notice: Temporary Suspension of Djinn Divinations
    During this temporary suspension, we will diligently work to assess and address the concerns at hand. We remain fully committed to empowering individuals through spirituality and technology. While Djinn divinations may be on pause, our other offerings, courses, and resources will continue to support your personal growth and transformation.
  • Learn With US
    We’re thrilled to introduce you to the upcoming SpiritTech Virtual Training Program. This groundbreaking opportunity will empower you to connect with the sacred realms, embrace your unique gifts, and cultivate a deeper understanding of what it is to be a SpiritTech.
  • Empowering the Dagara Community: A Call for Support
    We invite you to support this transformative project for the Dagara community in the spirit of reciprocity and unity. Access to clean water and education are not just fundamental rights but pillars upon which thriving communities are built. By coming together, we can make a lasting impact and create a brighter future for the Dagara people.
  • The Art of Learning: How best to use the SpiritTech Academy
    As you embark on this enlightening journey, you’ll encounter a dynamic learning experience that combines the ancient with the modern. A key feature of our academy is the distinction between our live recording sessions and the meticulously edited training sessions that find their permanent home in our virtual archives.
  • Manifestation – The Winds of Change – Part I
    The winds of change are sweeping across the planet, demanding that we reevaluate our relationship with the Earth. In this pivotal moment, we have the opportunity to harness the power of manifestation through rituals and ceremonies. By doing so, we can create a future that is in harmony with nature, one where we ride the wave of change with grace and resilience. The time to act is now, for the winds of change wait for no one.
  • Unlocking the Doors to SpiritTech Wisdom: The Birth of the SpiritTech Academy
    As we launch the SpiritTech Academy, we invite you to explore a diverse range of courses, from understanding the self to connecting with nature’s energies, from the power of rituals to the magic of divination. Our curriculum is essential for success in the modern world, as it provides a well-rounded spiritual education crucial for thriving. So, why are we starting the SpiritTech Academy? Because we believe that wisdom should be accessible, that technology can be a conduit to the sacred, and that each of us has the potential to unlock the doors to a deeper, more meaningful existence. Join us on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, growth, and connection. Welcome to the SpiritTech Academy, the gateway to a new era of spirituality. Stay tuned for updates, and prepare to embark on a transformational path with us.
  • Tips On Unleashing Your SpiritTech Potential. 
    As a seasoned intuitive healer and spiritualist, I’ve witnessed too many individuals hesitating to leap into the next level of their journey. It’s time to change that narrative. 
  • Animal Spirit Interpretations from Burkina Faso and Ghana
    Here is a list of animals and their associations that I have heard diviners in Burkina Faso & Ghana use to describe aspects of a person.
  • Overall
    Overall, Spiritual Technology offers a pathway for individuals to reconnect with their spiritual essence, align with the natural world, and tap into the profound wisdom and healing potential within and around them.
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  • Your Connection to a Spirit Animal
    Every person has a connection to a unique animal’s energy. The specific animal associated with you may vary depending on various situations, such as your cultural background or the tradition of the diviner involved. However, despite the differences in animal representation, the fundamental energy and essence they embody remain consistent.
  • Let’s Wish Mami Diana Essel a Happy Birthday!
    As we celebrate Mami Diana Essel, we honor her selflessness, love, and the profound impact she has made on the lives of so many. Her legacy reminds us of the power of love, family, and a sacred mother figure’s profound role in shaping others’ lives. Mami Diana’s nurturing spirit, strength, and wisdom inspire all who are blessed to know her. This month, we celebrate this incredible woman who she is and the love she continues to share with the world.
  • Laughter brings the spirits to the yard!
  • Finding Humor Word Search
  • Finding Humor YouTube
    Navajo culture believes that finding the humor is important to sacred work.
  • The Power of Manifestation: Embracing the Gift of Asking for Nothing in Return.
    Selfless gratitude to the spirit realm is acknowledging and appreciating the blessings, kindness, and support they have given us. It goes beyond mere reciprocity or spiritual etiquette; it is a heartfelt expression of genuine appreciation that comes from pure sincerity. When we give thanks without desire for personal gain, we tap into a wellspring of love, compassion, and generosity.
  • Life
  • Ode to the Djinn
    Djinn, oh Djinn, mystical beings of lore, Born from smokeless flames, forevermore, Your power and presence, we can’t ignore, Invisible to us, but you forever soar.
  • The Power of the Djinn Word Search
    The Power of the Djinn Word Search
  • Fence Druming in Brazil
    The art of fence drumming in Brazil. Enjoy!
  • Spiritualists in Ghana
    Most spiritualists in Ghana are called fetish priests and priestesses—each with shrines and secret rooms where they consult with clients and perform rituals. These fetish priests are said to have been chosen by the gods and ancestors to represent them. Once selected, the spirits will embody, operate through, or instill their powers in the priest.
  • The Griot Tradition of West Africa
    While playing the Kora, Sibo sang a traditional West African song, Nan Fulie, about the importance of the Griot people – the West African musicians, storytellers, custodians and teachers of tradition through music and dance.
  • The Art of Manifestation Word Search
    Play the Art of Manifestation word puzzle.
  • Bragg Live Food Products, LLC
    Supporting those that support us.
  • Supporting an Elders Journey
    When an elder dies in the family, a new elder must be initiated to take up the mantle. In the Somé compound, Didier Somé, one of Malidoma’s younger brothers, is undertaking the elder initiation process in his community.
  • We Give Thanks
    We at the SpiritTech wish to express our deepest gratitude for the spiritual journey to the land of the Dagara; that we recently embarked on with several modern-day gatekeepers, elders, and sacred beings.
  • Upcoming Workshops, Trainings, and Lectures
    We are excited to announce that we will be offering a variety of new workshops, lectures, and trainings in the coming year. These new offerings are designed to assist you in learning new skills, expanding your knowledge, growing personally, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and increasing your sacred wisdom knowledge. Below is a list of things we will offer in 2023.
  • 2023 Year of Manifestation
    2023 is a year of greater focus and clarity for all. With the challenges and changes of the past year, you may have had the opportunity to reassess your priorities and clarify what is most important to you. This clarity can help you manifest your desires more effectively, as you can focus your energy and attention on what truly matters to you.
  • Divination Price Increase
    Over the past year, we have received an increased demand for our divination services. We have also made some changes in our service to improve the quality and consistency of our offerings. To continue providing the best possible service to our clients, we decided that a price increase was necessary.
  • What is a Ritual
    A ritual is a way to use lighting, action, sound, scent, sight, mental discipline, dance, song, or any number of other sensory cues to deepen your awareness, to contact on …
  • What is Your Spiritech Style?
    Four SpiritTech styles can play essential roles during sacred community rites. The SpiritTech style refers to an individual’s distinctive characteristics and predispositions, consistent across situations. Identifying your style and understanding the style of others can assist in creating a harmonious community.