A Spiritual Perspective of a Company


The soul is what allows each person to connect lovingly with other souls. It isn’t solid like an organ or limb, but it is considered essential to individual life and development. Furthermore, those without a soul are deemed dead inside and unable to experience the qualities of the spirit. As regards religion/spirituality, the soul is believed to be in constant contact with one’s Creator, and to be the source of sending and receiving positive feelings that transpires between them. A corresponding description of soul could also describe what happens in a corporation with a soul or heart.

If a corporation has a heart, the leaders are energetic, focused and purposeful. Also, they are approachable, available and want to converse with their staff. As a consequence, their directors and managers are able to connect with them and keep them informed as to what is happening in their respective departments, which in turn gives corporate leaders an opportunity to monitor the progress its directors and understand the concerns of subordinates, i.e., to know what is happening in the whole company so as to keep it on track.

Nevertheless, the soul of a corporation is not entirely unseen or unfelt. Rather, when outsiders walk into the company for the first time an impression is formed that is indicative of its spirit. In other words, the soul of a company is seen in the people that work there. That is one of the major reasons that business with a heart put so much effort into choosing just the right person as their receptionist, because that person is a reflection of the company’s standards and principles, i.e., its spirit.

What Is a Corporate Shaman?


A Shaman is a spiritual or religious tribal leader (priest or high priestess) with the ability to heal or cure the sick, pierce the unknown and/or control events by the use of magic (miracles, prayer, meditation, inner journeys). S/he can also lead the souls of the recently departed into the other world. The role of a shaman is often transferred to each individual from birth from a relative.

Shamans employ the following methods to obtain results:

  • Magic
  • Trances
  • Ecstasy
  • Soul Travel
  • Enter spirit world to retrieve loss souls


Ancient records indicate that Shamanism started with the inhabitants of northern Europe and Siberian. This religion is distinguishable from others by its practitioners’ belief in unseen otherworldly forces, demons, gods, and ancestral spirits who respond only to shamans. Shamanism is a practice that uses the knowledge of males, females and transgender individuals without prejudice to heal people, animal, things, and places including corporations.

Corporate Shaman

A corporate Shaman is a wise and knowledgeable leader of a business who uses certain practices that ensure the health of the company and to keep it well. However, if per chance the company does becomes “sick” the Corporate Shaman searches for ways to heal it. S/he may bring in coaches, pray, schedule times with managers, recognize employee birthdays, promote the use of a suggestion box or a myriad of other methods to restore well-being.

The Need for Corporations to Have a Soul


An alliance under authority to the law that is thought to have existence independent of its members and distinct from them. However, when a company has a soul, the members must be considered to embody a soul or spirit, because that is indicative of humanness. Therefore, a company, as such, can only have a soul if those who run the company give it one. In essence, the leaders must lend the company its own spirit and make it profitable for its members to do the same. As the popular saying goes “I put my heart into it” that is what corporate leaders must do.

Why corporation require a soul

Soul, spirit, essence, moral fiber, or heart, whichever term you prefer, a corporation needs one, because without it the company is lifeless. When a company is imbued with a soul it exhibits certain qualities: vision, faith, imagination, purpose, compassion, beliefs and warmth. These qualities don’t just magically come about; they are built into the company during construction by its leadership. It is important to think of the soul of a corporation at its inception, because when this component is inserted from the beginning, every decision that is made from thenceforth is done so with the concept of soul or heart in mind. It is more than a map or a plan, but the way that the company operates. It becomes the company’s guiding star. In other words, the corporation doesn’t do anything that will hurt its core (soul) of operation.

Therefore decisions that impact the company in some vital way are considered in the light of whether that decision will hinder or harm the corporation’s soul and if it might, whether that harm will devastate the company in the long run. The company will not move ahead without considering the impact of its decisions on the spirit of the company.

For instance, if ignoring and/or not rewarding employees lowers company moral and productivity, the company will examine its structure to see what is not working and what needs to be redone or rebuilt to increase employee morale, make customers happy and increase profits.


It takes a leader with shamanic qualities to plant “soul” into the corporation. This is the man or woman who realizes the need from this element from the company’s inauguration and not as an postscript. That is because for Shamanic leaders, soul is never relegated to one part of his/her life, but to each and every sphere (family, friendship, social, religious, and work-life) of existence. Thus, when and if the company should move in the wrong direction, become unhealthy, or start to drown in negative the Corporate Shaman won’t hesitate to use meditation, prayer or any other spiritual method to restore the company to health.