The Journey of the SpiritTech is a profound journey which will enable you to bring out the best in yourself and others. With this program, you will experience the joy and satisfaction of transforming other people’s lives in profound and moving ways! In addition, the tools you receive will enable you to serve, contribute and empower those around you offering you an opportunity to create a path for you to be compensated as a healer/elder/shaman.

This training path will empower you with:

  • A masterful set of tools for steering, mentoring and empowering yourself and others
  • The ability to raise your potential and expand your intentions in any area
    The quality and abilities of an enigmatic orator who creates, inspires and aids change in others
  • Ways to assist your communities in ceremonies & ritual function at elevated planes
    Skills to assist anyone to break free of limitation and stagnation
    Skills to invoke, stir and move individuals and communities during ritual & ceremonies
  • Skills for creating immediate and long lasting relationships
  • The ability to assist colleagues, communities, friends and family achieve their life’s purpose