The surface of the water is beautiful, but it is not good to sleep on. ~Ghanaian Proverb ~

Ghana is known for its warm & friendly people, its stability and its history within the context of slavery. One aspect that is not known by many is its deep connection to its indigenous spirituality. With more than 52 ethnic groups, Ghana has a diverse spiritual belief system. So come and enjoy a Ghanaian adventure packed with cultural and spiritual experiences. Learn about some of the different cultures in Ghana. Visit a traditional shrine, experience traditional healing, and receive a reading from a traditional seer. Go shopping in the local markets for art, clothing, beads and fetish items. Wander through some vibrant Ghanaian cities, towns and villages. Meet warm and welcoming new friends and families as we travel around, tasting the traditional cuisine, drinks and discovering some of the continent’s best music scenes. Come and embrace the bright colors, spirit and life that Ghana has to offer.