The SpiritTech hub is committed to creating a sacred virtual village where seers, healers and newbies alike can come together, share their gifts and find a supportive, understanding community.

We know that sharing these gifts often requires unique flexibility which can be challenging to set up online. Our marketplace is specially designed for all types of mind-body-spirit products and services so that you can set up with ease and spend your time focussing on delivering your gifts.

You can buy and sell incredible products and services from the spiritual community including divination, meditation, education, food, toys, books, crystals, art pieces, and much, much more.

How does it work?

The HUB is a global an online marketplace for Spiritual Technologist where people can buy and sell all types of goods and services geared towards the mind, body, spirit community.

The SpiritTech offers divinations, meditation, education, food, toys, books, crystals, art pieces, and much more.

  • You create a listing, write a description, add photos, select a category, provide options, and so on. The company offers sellers with useful tips and tools, like spell checking or auto-replies.
  • The SpiritTech Hub is among the best online marketplaces for sellers worldwide. Third-party vendors add their services and offer their products, which are then included into the site directory. Once a consumer decides to make a purchase, a vendor is liable for filling the order.
  • Creating an account is free, and there is no binding monthly payment.
  • Accounts for members are free, with prices for advertising
  • Our seller’s services includes an advertising platform and payment processing.
What makes it stand out from the rest?
  • Personalized offers and recommendations to consumers, based on their shopping and browsing history;
  • Promotional and marketing tools for vendors, including Google Analytics and Facebook integration;
  • Free listings that never expire;
  • Tools for launching Customer Marketing Campaigns;
  • Verified reviews system.
  • Highly-rated customer service and customizable integrated chat functions.