Our souls are free but it takes another to see and verify it for us!

When you are ready for your divination there are a few things that we will need from you.

Due to high demand for divination’s. We will need to place you on the waiting list. As soon as we have an opening we will send you an email and invoice with the date of your divination.

The type of divination that you will be receiving is called a Djinn Divination. For more information about Djinn, see, www.djinndiviner.com

In order for your divination to occur. We will need your complete name. This is the name that everyone knows you by and your date of birth. When the diviner speaks your name; that energy becomes the key that opens the door to the other world.

As he divines for you, he calls upon the ancestors, Djinn and spirit guides. To give any messages that are needed for you to hear. The diviner will speak in his local language (Twi) and then the translator will translate into English.

What is important to remember is that sometimes the diviner speaks in metaphor. What he interprets is based on his knowledge from his community. Example, he may say that “you will be stung by a scorpion” could actually mean that you are going to get a needle from the doctor.

Your entire divination will be videotaped and sent to you. Prior to you receiving your divination video. We will spend some time writing some notes to assist in clearing up any confusion from your divination. You can also schedule a half hour call with us here in the states if you need additional clarity on your divination.

Please Note: With Djinn divination’s, there is always a prescription that comes at the end of the divination. Prescriptions are designed to assist you in getting back on track, clearing the way and/or providing protection. Think of it as a cleansing, detox or both.

It is not mandatory that you perform the prescriptions. It is totally up to you. After presenting the prescription to you, we will provide you with a cost and a synopsis of what will occur. The duration of time and take about a week for the diviner and his acolytes to perform the prescriptions on your behalf. There may be a few things that you will need to perform. If that is the case we will give you detailed information on what you will need to do.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at admin@djinndiviner.com

Please fill in the information form below.

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