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  • The Journey of the SpiritTech
  • The Art of Divination


  • Nine Gates of our Existence

We are born to experience. How we experience is through the nine gates. Come discover the nine gates and get a basic understanding of the gates and their purpose.


Bound Guardians around you & your relationship to them

Many generations ago, families made a covenant with the spirit of the earth. This created bound guardians. These spirits are connected to your family lineage and/or where you are from. Come learn more about your relationship to each other.

We will discuss the purpose of the relationship from an indigenous perspective and translate it to a modern day perspective.

“Spirit is for Spirit”: The Spirit of Alcohol

Many indigenous cultures believe that alcohol was originally created as a gift/food for the spirit world. In this gathering, we will discuss the spiritual purpose of alcohol, its use and abuse from an indigenous perspective. We will cover the various protocol and types of spirits (alcohol).

The Diviner in You

Divination is a process which a person tries to uncover information about the past, present or future. There are thousands of methods of divination: Astrology, Bazi, Tarot Card reading, Numerology, Runes, and Horoscopes to name a few.

We will discuss the different aspect of divination; 3 categories, 3 Spiritual tiers, 7 elements and your connection to them in divination.

You do not need to be an active diviner to attend.

The Bodemé

Bodemé is the Dagara term used to identify individuals that have a unique energy that, in the west, might be called as LGBTQ & SGL individuals. The English translation is gatekeepers, but the true meaning gets lost in translation.

The Bodemé play special roles during Dagara ritual, we will learn about the ways we can contribute to our community and begin to look within our individual and collective selves for further answers.

Open to all.


  • Ghana & the living spirits