The spiritual and holistic wellness industry is not known for widely embracing technology, but It’s becoming a necessary and valuable tool in reaching more potential clients as well as connecting with fellow practitioners and suppliers.

New York, NY, September 12 – It’s for this reason that New York-based spiritual technologist Alwyn Thomas founded the SpiritTech Community Hub. He aims to create a sacred virtual village where seers, healers and newbies alike can come together, share their gifts and find a supportive, understanding community.

Already it’s the fastest growing network for holistic practitioners bringing together mind-body-spirit products and services from meditation and yoga to shamanism and crystal healing through over 20,000 listings, easily searchable by location, category or keyword.

“The SpiritTech community is a globally connected community of spirit inspired individuals that want to share their sacred gifts with the world,” said Alwyn, “Our marketplace is specially designed for all types of mind-body-spirit products and services so that individuals can spend their time in seeking and discovery.”

Faseye Sangobukunmi, of Spirit Beyond Borders said of SpiritTech Community Hub, “It’s exactly what we’ve all needed – a space where we can connect, share and grow each other’s practices. In addition, it gives us, as healers, a chance to make contact with others in our field or in fields that have convergence. I’ve met some incredible practitioners and suppliers through the SpiritTech Community Hub.“

Creating a listing on SpiritTech Community Hub is free of charge, and each profile includes a profile description, image, interactive map and contact details that can easily be shared with potential clients and contacts.

For founder, Alwyn Thomas, this community hub represents an opportunity to invest in the holistic fields he is passionate about. As an intuitive healer, spiritualist and expert lecturer, Alwyn conducts workshops and training throughout the United States, educating on the gifts of West African healing as well as spiritual retreats to Burkina Faso and Ghana.

Alwyn is also the CEO and founder of The Spiritual Technology Corp, an organization created to bring modern spiritual technology to people, communities, and corporations. His service offering includes website development, email marketing services, virtual training services and online learning, as well as access to virtual office spaces for healers of all descriptions.

“There is something that all spiritual healers, gurus, shamans, mystics and great teachers have in common. They all want to reach out and touch the lives of as many people as possible, said Thomas. “But they often struggle to find the people most in need of their support, only able to assist a few people in their local community. Through the Spiritual Technology Corp, we are leveraging the potential of the internet to enhance spiritual learning, teaching, and to deliver these gifts to a broader community than ever before.”

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