Teach with us today and make sure your gifts live on in the hearts of future generations.

There is nothing more rewarding than the chance to share your gifts with other spirit-minded individuals, and we have hundreds of eager students lining up to learn from your spiritual journey.

Our teachers are a cornerstone of our community, and we make sure you have all the support you need to make teaching your gifts a simple and positive experience.

This means we will give you all the tools you need to set up and host your courses online, as well as full access to our engaged students. We know that each spiritual teaching is unique, so we trust you with full freedom design your courses the way you know is best – and give you absolute control over your prices.

“Your Training Center Ready on the Internet!”

SpiritTech Academy is a cost-effective full-featured virtual training environment for individuals and professionals. It consists of a Web-based Training Center for the instructor and the students and a Virtual Classroom with advanced collaboration tools where the actual live classes are held.

  • Personal Training Center
  • Full Featured Virtual Classroom
  • Audio, Video, Whiteboards
  • Presentation & Screen Sharing
  • Student Management, Class Scheduling
  • Unlimited Storage & Recordings
Management Tools

Each user has a personal password-protected profile. User personal folders for homework and assignments.

Flexible Scheduling

Quickly set up live sessions and online classes as well as multiple recurring events. Give group or individual attendance permissions.

Crystal Clear Full Duplex Audio

Integrated Audio Conferencing. Multiple Speakers. High-Quality Voice Over IP (VoIP) even on lower bandwidths. No conference calls. No additional charges, for audio conferencing.

Shared Interactive Whiteboards

Multiple shared whiteboards. Type text, launch images, and slides. Full digital tablet support for handwriting or precise drawing.

Share PowerPoint, Files & Images

Share PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT and other standard document types. Use markup and annotation over slides and pages. Launch files and broadcast images synchronously.

Rich Markup & Annotation Tools

Use markup and annotation tools on the whiteboards as well as cover images and slides. Use pointers and checkers to focus your attendees’ attention.

Screen Sharing & Remote Control

Enhance your computer based training classes sharing your entire screen or just a single application. Give remote control to students and attendees.

Live Video Sessions

Enhance your live classes, team meetings and group discussions with live video conferencing even on lower bandwidths.

Session Recording and Playback

Record your live sessions and meetings for quality control or archiving. Publish your recordings on your website to attract new students or give individual playback permissions.

Guided Web Tours

Many resources are located on websites on the Internet. Take your audience to a web page – all together at once. Navigate safely and securely.

Text Chat & Session Notes

All session leaders can enable/disable the text messaging features.  Instant messaging / text chat is available for communication along with the audio.

Generate Online Surveys and Polls

Create online polls with predefined answers. In an online classroom, the polling feature is essential.

Small Group Collaboration with Breakout Rooms

With the SpiritTech Academy Breakout rooms, you can split your class into smaller groups so that your students collaborate and practice individually.

Collect Payments from Students.

With the SpiritTech Academy Paid Events, you can quickly arrange paid events and classes and charge your attendees before they get access. You get paid instantly, and the money is collected directly into your account. There are no charges or fees received by SpiritTech Academy.