Divination is the method by which you attempt to find out about the past, present and/or future. There are hundreds of methods of divination, from the common to the curious to the bizarre. Many methods have been lost or obscured by the passing of time and the changing of civilizations.

Some methods such as Astrology, Tarot Card reading, Tea Leaf reading, Numerology, Runes, and Horoscopes have survived into the present and are both popular and in widespread use.

The purpose of a Diviner’s job can entail many things: to find the source or cause of a problem; to serve as go-between for humans and spirits; to determine whether a person is suffering from a common illness or one caused by an upset ancestor; or to find the cause for a person’s misfortune.

Djinn Divination
Bones, Stones & Shell Divination
Cowries Shell Divination