When you have made the generous decision to connect with more people who need your spiritual guidance online, we know it’s vital that you can deliver the same rich experience to your online community that you offer in person.

Our virtual space is designed to give you everything you need to serve all your clients. It allows you to effortlessly meet in a secure online environment to counsel and mentor online – in a uniquely safe space that always feels natural.

We fully manage and host all our unique collaboration tools, so that you can focus on delivering your gifts to an even broader community.

Web Meetings and Coaching Sessions Taken to a Higher Level

SpiritTech Academy is a professional virtual real-time online collaboration environment designed for meetings, teaching, and training over the Internet. Arrange live online classes and lectures, online meetings, group sessions, individual one–on–one session and webinars – all taking place over the web. For your live online conferences, you only need a computer with an internet connection.

Natural Communication, Unique Collaboration Tools

Far beyond a basic video conferencing tool SpiritTech Academy  provides advanced web-based management and scheduling tools along with rich collaboration tools in your virtual office: Crystal clear high quality audio, multiple simultaneous talkers, Interactive whiteboards with various markup and annotation tools, File and document sharing, live presentations, screen sharing, Breakout rooms, text messages, virtual hand rising, and plenty of other.

Secured Environment

With SpiritTech Academy your learning content and student database are secured and kept confidentially. SpiritTech Academy does not use any shared student pools or social networking like other vendors. Your student database is not shared with your competitors.

Fully Managed and Hosted, Cloud-Based, Zero Downtime Network

SpiritTech Academy products and services are fully managed and hosted. Do not worry about servers, installations, hosting, set up, etc. You focus on your business while we take care of technology.

Low Latency Network Infrastructure in the US and Europe

SpiritTech Academy utilizes data centers located in the US and Europe with perfect connectivity to every part of the world. Have your staff in India or Europe tutoring students located in the US or Australia. They all enjoy the supreme experience with no delays.

Unlimited Storage for Your Learning Content

Our cloud-based infrastructure allows us to apply no limits on usage, timing or storage, while other competitive vendors still count your megabytes and minutes. Keep as much content as needed and just forget about counting megabytes.

Online Meetings

With SpiritTech Academy, you can quickly and effectively host web-based meetings, significantly reducing teleconferencing and travel costs and decreasing time away from the job. Teachers and administrators save significant amounts per year by not having to travel long distances for meetings and professional development. And this does not take into effect the elimination of the cost of substitute teachers for those on the road.

Classroom Collaboration

Collaboration at a distance connects students from different locations and cultures to enhance the learning experience. Students from the United Kingdom collaborated with students from China in a course about international architecture.

Online Mentoring Programs

Whether provided by instructors or peers, tutoring via SpiritTech Academy offers students an opportunity to work one-on-one to get questions answered or receive help with homework or other assignments. Sessions can be scheduled, or students can drop into an existing virtual room to connect with the tutor.

Program Orientation

Want to expand your geographical reach and attract more students? Showcase your programs for prospective students with SpiritTech Academy. You can also conduct orientation for new students and even record the sessions for those who couldn’t attend in person.

Virtual Office Hours

Extend the hours you are available to your clients with SpiritTech Academy virtual office hours. Meet one-on-one or with groups of students.

Remote Guest Speakers

Online education is all about creating engaging learning environments. SpiritTech Academy enables you to bring in remote experts to the classroom or send students on a virtual field trip.

Virtual Help Desk

Need additional methods to provide support and immediate assistance to students, faculty, and staff? With SpiritTech Academy students can get access to the resources, such as the research library, without coming to campus.