In our society today, the term “technology” is usually referred to describe cutting-edge equipment, amenities, gadgets and accessories, computers, and any plug-in or electronic device that helps us live more progressive, productive daily lives—tools that relieve us from everyday, mundane, repetitive work, duties and tasks; and even help us enjoy and entertain ourselves.

A few dictionary definitions of technology state:

  1. The branch of knowledge deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science; the application of this knowledge for practical ends.
  2. Science or knowledge is put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools.
  3. The system by which a society provides its members with those things needed or desired.
  4. Applying a systematic technique, method, or approach to solve a problem.

Aligned with the above explanations, we at the SpiritTech unconventionally and boldly apply the definition of technology to describe how Spirituality can be used and learned as specific processes, techniques, methods, and approaches for modern, practical living successfully in today’s world. Thus, we define the term Spiritual Technology as “technically applied knowledge of the authentic, soul-essence wisdom and divine power of an individual.”

We at SpirtTech understand and recognize that the language and wisdom of the human heart and soul is undervalued and ignored. We endeavor to put this language and wisdom back into practice and work with those who hear the call of Spirit in a unique way—through nature and the Earth, ritual, meditation, and communion with benevolent spirit guides and beings of other dimensions across time and space. Through the teaching of Spiritual Technology, we aim to foster inner peace, abundance and prosperity in our world for oneself, family and community, by helping you to uncover and utilize your gifts that you were born to contribute share with the world.

Spiritual Technology— the methodical study and applied knowledge of the authentic, soul-essence wisdom and divine power of an individual.

Spirit or spiritual—soul, supernatural, divine, well-being, energy, metaphysical, sacred, blessed, blessing, astral, otherworldly, transcendental, power, mystical, light, prayer, meditation, faith, reverent, celestial, discarnate, psychic, the principle of conscious life, essence, force, life-force, existence.