What is Your Spiritech Style?

Four SpiritTech styles can play essential roles during sacred community rites. The SpiritTech style refers to an individual’s distinctive characteristics and predispositions, consistent across situations. Identifying your style and understanding the style of others can assist in creating a harmonious community.
The four styles are as follows:

• Seeks to understand & prepare
• Serious, Thorough, Logical
• Values precision and evidence
• Tends to like to work alone
• Needs time to prepare
• Rapid change creates disorder for them

• Seeks to do & protect
• Independent, Hands-on, Decisive
• Values actions and results
• Tends to do sacred work in a specific way
• Needs time to take things in
• Inertia creates disorder for them

• Seeks to connect & enrich
• Dependable, Open, and Supportive
• Values security and relationships
• Tends to feel what is going on
• Needs time to connect
• Isolation creates disorder for them

• Seeks to craft & spark
• Animated, Influential, and Creative
• Values support and freedom
• Tends to see a bigger picture
• Needs time to create
• Restrictions create disorder for them

• These styles appear in all sacred communities and can impact the outcome of the community’s work.
• All styles want the same outcome. They go about it differently.
• None of the SpiritTech styles are inherently good or bad; all have strengths and weaknesses.
• Your SpiritTech style is not as important as how you use it.
• SpiritTech styles are themes of behavior. We all have characteristics of each style, and the categories are not absolute. However, individuals generally have one dominant style.
• Because of the significant differences in the four Styles, conflict naturally occurs in community interactions. Building familiarity and comfort with the behaviors of each style allows people to work better within a tribe of all kinds.
• It is essential to have each style represented for balance in the community and the creation of sacred medicine.

My gift to you all,

Alwyn Alphonso Thomas
Spiritual Technologist

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