Ode to the Djinn

Djinn, oh Djinn, mystical beings of lore,
Born from smokeless flames, forevermore,
Your power and presence, we can’t ignore,
Invisible to us, but you forever soar.

Master of wishes, and tales untold,
Mischief-maker, or so we’re told,
But benevolent, too, to some behold,
A creature of magic, truth be told.

You roam the lands, free as the wind,
Invisible to us, yet we know you’re within,
Your powers and abilities, it’s hard to begin,
So mysterious and enigmatic, Djinn.

In stories and legends, you’ve found your place,
A powerful figure, with an otherworldly grace,
A friend or foe, a mystery to embrace,
A magical creature, in any case.
Djinn, oh Djinn, creatures of the night,
May your flame burn bright, and your power take flight,
May you protect and guide us, with all your might,
Forevermore, a mystical sight.

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