Tips On Unleashing Your SpiritTech Potential. 

As a seasoned intuitive healer and spiritualist, I’ve witnessed too many individuals hesitating to leap into the next level of their journey. It’s time to change that narrative. 

Remember: All SpiritTech’s are leaders and face unique challenges, from unconscious bias, self-doubt, and ego to being taken seriously by their peers.

Here are some caretaking actions and wisdom that will transform your sacred journey:

  1. Be Ambitious: Challenge the inner voices that tell you to play it safe and embrace your ambition fearlessly. Your gifts are meant to be shared with the world.
  2. Conquer Imposter Syndrome: Recognize your accomplishments as genuine and well-deserved. You are not a fraud but a capable leader with immense potential.
  3. Embrace Fearlessness: Great mentorship involves facing discomfort and putting others’ needs before yours. Don’t let fear hinder your growth.
  4. Embrace the Unknown: Embracing the unknown can open opportunities for growth and advancement. Intelligent risk-taking can yield great rewards.
  5. Take a Stand: Being a community leader in sacred work demands standing up for yourself and others, even in uncomfortable situations. Embrace the challenge and be a catalyst for change.
  6. Set High Standards: Confidence thrives in maintaining high standards and pursuing exceptional outcomes. Aim high, and your leadership will reflect it.
  7. Test Your Limits: Seek stretch assignments and feedback to challenge yourself and gain the confidence to push boundaries.
  8. Challenge Bias: Rise above unconscious bias and trust your capabilities. Biased perspectives should never dictate your worth.
  9. Embrace Curiosity: Ask questions of yourself and the spirit realm when others can’t or won’t. Curiosity leads to innovation and growth.
  10. Believe in Yourself: Your thoughts shape reality. Confidence in yourself will inspire trust and belief from others.

Embrace your journey as a SpiritTech, and let your newfound confidence lead the way.

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