Manifestation at the Year’s End:

Cultivating Abundance and Reflection

Greetings SpiritTechs,

2023 has been our year of Manifestation. We have engaged in numerous conversations, Taks, and dedicated time to exploring the intricate intricacies of the art of manifestation.

Our efforts have entailed Dreamscape Manifestation Rituals, The Art of Manifestation Talk, Cultivating Gratitude, Manifestation Through Rituals and Ceremonies, concepts, techniques, and methods to help us manifest our goals and desires into reality.

As the year’s end draws close, this is the time of year to look back and reassess your manifestation practice. What came into being? What do you see coming but has not yet arrived? What things did not seem to have moved toward what you wanted? Is there something that came into being that you were not expecting?

Gratitude as a Foundation:

First, let’s all give gratitude and offerings to the Ancestors, elements, and other spirit beings that contributed to your manifestations.

Ritual: As you celebrate the holidays – make offerings of the same food and drinks that you are celebrating with.

  • Ancestors: Make a small plate & drink, place to the side for them.
  • Water: Offer Egg nogg, Coquito, etc.
  • Nature: Offer nuts and seeds to the base of a tree.
  • Earth: Give a clipping or plant to someone.
  • Spirit Beings: Place a small bowl/plate with coins in a northern view window of your home.

Reflection on the Journey:

Now, it is time to look at the results of your manifestations. Take time to reflect on the experiences of the past year. What lessons did you learn? What accomplishments are you proud of? Understanding where you’ve been provides clarity on where you want to go and any adjustments you may need to make for the upcoming year.

Clear Intentions:

How specific were you about what you wanted to manifest? Where broad or specific? Did you create steps to what you wanted to manifest, or did you have a final outcome? This clarity guides your actions and provides a measurable benchmark for success.

Release What No Longer Serves:

Remember, manifestation isn’t just about attracting the new; it’s also about making space for it. Identify and release habits, thoughts, or situations that no longer contribute to your growth. Creating space invites new opportunities.

Embrace Patience and Trust:

“The art of manifestation is a process that requires time and effort. Some changes may occur rapidly, while others may take longer to achieve. Like medicine, no magical solution can instantly transform everything you desire.”

After reflecting and giving thanks for the past year’s manifestations, feel free to share what you have manifested with the community.

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