We Give Thanks

Greetings Everyone,

We at the SpiritTech wish to express our deepest gratitude for the spiritual journey to the land of the Dagara; that we recently embarked on with several modern-day gatekeepers, elders, and sacred beings.

Along the journey, we sang, got lost, danced, found our way home, visioned, fell in love with the power of water, created a special relationship with the mountain, slept with the earth, connected with the ancestral realm, and much more.

We now give thanks to our ancestors, the ancestors of those who came on the journey, and the ancestors of everyone who contributed to our blessings. We send the ancestors offerings of appreciation & love. Drink up ancestors as we pour libation in honor of you.

To the spirits of water. We praise you for sharing your gifts with us. We send you offerings of appreciation of sweet palm wine.

To the spirits of the earth. We feel your connection and thank you for giving us balance. We send you an offering of our oddness and pour libation for you.

To the spirit of the mountain. We thank you for the conversation and your memory. We send you offerings of shells to appreciate your willingness to hold our stories for eons.

To the spirit of Flora. We thank you for allowing us to see the doorway of your medicine and the serpent of wisdom. We offer you a libation of ash and water.

We honor those that held us in their hearts, mind, and prayers. We send you our gratitude and make an offering of abundance for you.

To those that came to Ghana. Ocean, Mountain, grasscutter, crocodile, and coconuts. We pour Orijin in your name.

To all participants that came on the journey to Dagara land. We have much to re-member, and new knowledge to take back to our communities. We hold each of you in high honor and we do the “dance of the earth” to assist each person in finding their way home.

To the Somé family that opened their hearts to us and shared all they had. We send them ancestral blessings. The participants send you deep water blessings that will last many years.

We especially wish to give thanks to Guillaume & Didier for assisting us in receiving the blessings of the Somé ancestors. We do the rituals of abundance and forgiveness in your name.

To Fati Somé, who graciously greeted and welcomed us into her home to see Malidoma’s resting place. We do the ritual of peace in your name.

To Sobonfu’s family, who were so gracious to all that came and visited their home and her resting place. We do the ritual of release.

To our old and new friends, we connected with along the journey. We thank you and pour libations in your name.

To our acolytes, assistants, and everyone that contributed to making our guests feel safe, seen, and comfortable. We send you praises up high, and we thank & love each of you. We do a ritual of prosperity in your name.

To everyone, who came or was not able to attend this journey, the experience was truly transformative for us. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have shared it spiritually with all of you.

The guidance and support that everyone provided throughout the journey were invaluable and helped us grow and learn in ways we never thought possible. Your presence near & far and your encouragement assisted us in pushing through the difficult times and genuinely embracing the beauty of the journey.

We will carry the lessons and insights that we gained on this journey with us always, and we look forward to the next opportunity to grow and learn together.


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