Supporting an Elders Journey

Didier Somé

When an elder dies in the family, a new elder must be initiated to take up the mantle. In the Somé compound, Didier Somé, one of Malidoma’s younger brothers, is undertaking the elder initiation process in his community.

He knows this initiation gives him access to ancestral spiritual resources that he does not have access to currently.

In the past, Didier has had many challenges working as a diviner and spiritualist. For a while, he was lost, and it showed up in his abusive nature. Which is the opposite of his personality and who he is now.

He has learned to manage and care for the energies that come through him. He controls them; they do not control him.

True elder initiation is an opening, not a destination. This initiation will be unlike many others. It will take Didier nearly a year to get where he needs to be to serve his family, community, and westerners.

He is being initiated by some elders who initiated his brother Malidoma. They are also committed to opening the doorway to Didier so that together they can bring the wisdom of the gatekeepers and elders to the west.

In his excitement and joy, Didier invites everyone to come and witness his homecoming. We are still determining when that will happen, but I will keep you informed.

If you are interested in knowing more about this incredible event. Contact me at

Please feel free to donate on his behalf. Initiation is a costly endeavor. Every little bit helps.

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