Spiritualists in Ghana

Most spiritualists in Ghana are called fetish priests and priestesses—each with shrines and secret rooms where they consult with clients and perform rituals. These fetish priests are said to have been chosen by the gods and ancestors to represent them. Once selected, the spirits will embody, operate through, or instill their powers in the priest.

There are many specialties that these spiritualists carry out, such as the pouring of libation, the preparation of brews, spiritual dancing, and others things that you can only see but not talk about.

There are two types of fetish priests those who are naturally born spiritualists and those who become priests and priestesses through apprenticeship.

Traditionally, these priests and priestesses are considered seers, wise men, and custodians of our environment. They are consulted for solutions to personal and societal problems as they possess exceptional powers to influence events and avert disorders. Apart from performing rituals and saying prayers, they lead and administer procedures during festivals, traditional festivals, particular occupations, and events like enstooling a new king. They are the source of wisdom or the mouthpieces of the gods and ancestors. Undoubtedly, they are the first people the chiefs and elders of every community will consult before taking crucial societal initiatives.

Many of these spiritualists are also healers, specifically herbalists, due to their exceptional knowledge of herbs, plants, and nature and ability to combine herbs to perform rituals and treat complicated illnesses. Many Ghanaians still believe in traditional healers rather than orthodox medical practitioners and prefer herbal or traditional medicines to orthodox ones. At the same time, others visit to know what the future holds for them. Their duties are many, as is their expertise.

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