Embracing the Sacred in the Everyday: Tools from around the house.

I invite you to embark on a journey of discovery with me as we delve into the various tools we can find around our homes, which can aid us in connecting and working with our homies from different realms beyond our own.

Finding the Sacred in the Ordinary

Broom (Natural Corn Whisk): Used for sweeping energy and sending spirits home.

Broom (Natural Corn Whisk): Used for sweeping energy and sending spirits home.

Feather Duster: A tool with soft feathers used for sweeping energy from yourself and others.

Steel Wool: A bundle of fantastic and flexible sharp-edged steel filaments used to dissipate items that have a lot of energy in them.

Dust Cloth: A cloth, often treated with oils & medicines, used for wiping furniture and items before and after sessions.

Chamois Cloth (Real): A soft, absorbent leather cloth for making talismans and pouches.

Apron or Smock: Worn when working on others.

Caddy: Carried to keep your sacred tools handy and organized.

Metal Chain: Used to block residual energy when working on behalf of others.

Club Soda: Used to enhance tinctures and medicine.

Steam: Can assist in seeing the Djinn. It is also used in rituals to wipe away a debt. 

White Vinegar: This is an excellent deterrent to nature beings.

Castile Soap: Made from plant oils, it’s a gentle soap that can be diluted and used for various prescripted purposes.

When used properly, they can significantly assist in managing your sacred atmosphere, allowing for a more meaningful and powerful spiritual experience.

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