Animal Spirit Interpretations from Burkina Faso and Ghana

During divinations, we sometimes hear diviners stating that an individual has the spirit of…, is born with the energy of…, or caries at the protective energy… Most people are familiar with spirit animals but may not know the attributes of West African animal spirit energy.
It is essential to approach the interpretation of your spirit animal with an open mind and a willingness to explore various perspectives. Embrace the diversity of interpretations and recognize that each offers a unique insight and connection to the spiritual realm.
Below is a list of animals and their associations that I have heard diviners in Burkina Faso & Ghana use to describe aspects of a person.

  • Baboon: Community, communication, leadership, protection, intelligence, and adaptability
  • Buffalo: Abundance, survival, grounding, and protection
  • Cat (Domestic): Independence, intuition, curiosity, mystery, and connection with the spiritual realm
  • Catfish: Depth of emotions, intuition, and the subconscious
  • Cheetah: Speed, focus, agility, and accomplishing goals swiftly
  • Chicken: Nurturing, protection, fertility, groundedness, and abundance
  • Civet (Bush Dog): Hidden talents, Mystery, intuition, transformation, perception, protection, and introspection
  • Crocodile: Patience, protection, hidden potential, survival instincts, and primal energy
  • Dog (Domestic): Loyalty, companionship, protection, unconditional love, and guidance
  • Dove: Peace, purity, harmony, love, and spiritual connection
  • Eagle: Strength, vision, focus, leadership, and rising above challenges
  • Elephant: Sensitivity, intuition, harmony with nature, family bonds, and loyalty
  • Genet: Flexibility, curiosity, independence, and exploring multiple paths
  • Guinea Fowl: Protection, vigilance, warning signs, and keen observation
  • Hippopotamus: Motherhood, emotional depth, protection, and healing
  • Leopard: Stealth, adaptability, intuition and embracing the unknown
  • Lion: Leadership, courage, personal power, and Nobility
  • Lioness: Feminine power, nurturing, fierce protection, independence, and hunting skills
  • Monkey: Action, resourcefulness, agility, freedom, communication, and adaptation
  • Owl: Wisdom, intuition, hidden knowledge
  • Parrot: Communication, expression, social interaction, intelligence, and adaptability, and speaking one’s truth
  • Pigeon: Homing instincts, community, loyalty, fertility, and finding one’s way home
  • Python: Transformation, shedding old patterns, healing, and rebirth
  • Rat: resourcefulness, adaptability, and survival instincts
  • Serval (Bush Cat): Agility, intuition, heightened senses, and embracing change
  • Shrew: Perseverance, agility, adaptability, and finding hidden treasures
  • Snail: Slowness, patience, grounding
  • Snake: Transformation, healing, wisdom, rebirth, and intuition
  • Stork: Patience, adaptability, resourcefulness, and intuition
  • Vulture: Cleansing, transformation, rebirth, intuition, and ability to see the bigger picture
  • Warthog: Grounding, tenacity, protection, and embracing one’s true nature
  • Wild Dog: Social connection, teamwork, loyalty, and adaptability

Please note that these interpretations are based on general symbolism and may vary depending on location. Please use this as a reference.

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