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Today, we have access to modern tools which mean we can help more people than ever before. Our mission at SpiritTech is to give you simple access to the power of modern technology to enhance your spiritual practice.

The SpiritTech community is a globally connected community of spirit inspired individuals that want to share their sacred gifts with the world. We are leveraging the potential of the internet to enhance spiritual learning, teaching, and to deliver your gifts to a broader community than you ever thought possible.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner, or someone just embarking on their spiritual journey, we want to welcome you into our safe space of spiritual discovery.

Alwyn Alphonso Thomas

Alwyn Alphonso Thomas lives the HELPER’S path
to illuminate his gifts of Service & Patience.
This guides him to fulfill his mission of CHANGE
by being committed to Transforming & Improving all that he can.
He is guided by his power of TRANQUILITY
which allows him to create Peace & Harmony in his community.

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