Embracing the, I Am! – 2 ½ Day Intensive Certification Program

Where you reawaken who you are as a SpiritTech. Powerful 8-step model for forging change in both your life as well as the lives of others. Upon completion of this energetic & intensely-packed weekend you will walk out certified as SpiritTech Nonad, This is the first key in letting others and reminding yourself that you are on the journey of you living fully in your purpose and passion.

You Will:

  • Be taken on a roller coaster ride of imagination and consciousness
  • Experience and participate in exercise, rituals and ceremonies to unleash and transform the full potential of both yourself and others in the program
  • Learn the secret to having the ultimate ability to shape your life the way you choose
  • Witness and participate in process that will allow you to transform yourself and more
  • Be your unique self. In every way that is empowering for you
  • Discover the power to assist others to create any result