A Live 5-day intensive course accompanied by pre-study that begins the moment you enroll! In this extraordinary 5-day adventure, you will grasp over 30 new skills to assist you in transforming you and having you step into your fullness by increasing your gifts and your appeal to a whole new level.

Upon completion of this course you will walk out with a certificate of a “Duad”.

In this intensive 5-day program you will learn:

  • How to choose your passion and your life’s ultimate path
  • How to take your relationship with your guardians/angels/ancestors to an entirely new and powerful level
  • How to create instant relations with others
  • How to help people get rid of major negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, and guilt within minutes
  • Learn the language of empowerment to assist people in freeing themselves from limiting decisions.
  • Begin the journey of invoking change in others during rituals and cerimony’s
  • Understanding the power of Archetypes and using them on your journey.
  • Speaking the language of the individual
  • Plus, much, much more.

*The pre-requisites for this program are Embracing the, I Am! level certifications.