Our Welcoming Home of the SpiritTech is an amazing and inspirational trip that we hold once a year to Ghana, West Africa to experience ritual, community, contribution, and love, with the richest and deepest histories on indigenous spirituality on the planet! During these trips, you will be prompted to work with deep journaling processes to assist you in putting your entire life in perspective, while simultaneously sharing amazing experiences with your fellow adventurers and the local communities.

The Welcoming Home of the SpiritTech is highly recommended as part of your journey on the road of the SpiritTech. You will learn and experience alternative ideas and concepts of plant medicine, ritual and divination. Each participant will participate in the walk of uniqueness, experience the rituals of welcoming home, being seen, standing as a gift from the universe and embracing the gift of unconditionality.

Upon completion of this course you will walk out certified as a Quad SpiritTech.

*The pre-requisites for this program are Embracing the I Am, The Journey and Standing levels certifications.